About the Company Bulat-M LLC

About the Company 

Bulat-M LLC is a private company established more than 10 years ago, which has all the necessary licenses and permits for conducting hunting for wild animals on its hunting grounds. 

The total area of hunting grounds is 78.1 thousand hectares, which is located in Teskei Ala-Too mountain node, bordering with China at an altitude of 3400 meters above sea level.

Our main activity is to organize the protection and maintenance of the available natural resources on the territory of our lands.

People hunt for many reasons. For most hunters, this is a tradition transmitted through their families. For all hunters, this is an unprecedented way to participate in the real life of the nature around us, to be self-sufficient and ensure the preservation of the surrounding nature, and its balance.

All hunters are aware of the natural world and the demands of land and water that make it alive and support a wide variety of wildlife.

“Bulat-M” Company and its highly qualified, experienced employees are constantly working in the field of wildlife conservation in the Kyrgyz Republic. In recent years, thanks to the fruitful work of the company's employees, the number of wild animals that were on the verge of extinction, such as leopard, bear, Pamir sheep (Marco Polo), Siberian ibex, and many others, has increased in the land. 

According to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and issued licenses, the company provides hunting organization services from the second half of August to December of each year for Pamir sheep, Siberian ibex, etc. 

In addition, one of the interesting and important activities of our company is ecological tourism, photography hunting, climbing tourism. 

Those who want to see nature in its original form can go on hiking and horseback tours and see the richness and diversity of rare species of plants and flowers, many of which you will see for the first time. In addition, you can see many animals listed in the Red Book in their natural habitat. 

Thanks to the magnificent landscapes, the grandeur of the mountains, the richness of nature – all this creates a unique composition in its beauty, attracting fans of photography. Photo hunting on our land is almost as difficult and exciting as hunting. Ibex, lynxes, bears, wolves, mountain partridges and much more can get into the camera lens. 

A large number of diverse peaks are interesting from a sports point of view. For mountaineering enthusiasts, there are interesting and exciting places and they can choose any route: ice, rock or mixed.

Our VIP guest house is located in an ideal location high in the mountains, near a river with crystal clear water, stunning nature, clean mountain air will give you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation and spend unforgettable time and get a sea of emotions and impressions.